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My name is Kate Ryan. Welcome to my self-aggrandizing website. As a DMV clerk once took great pains to tell me, I'm not the only Kate Ryan on the planet. But I am the only Kate Ryan who can educate, entertain, and persuade—at the same time. I'm the type of writer to turn dry, boring details into content gold. I'm basically a creative genius. 

I'm afraid to add too many personal details here because identity fraud is real—just watch The Net—but I would like to tell the juicy backstory about how I became a writer. The year was 2002. I was eleven and deeply suspicious of SeaWorld. I had a feeling the Shamu they were parading then couldn't be the original Shamu they debuted in 1965,  so I wrote them a letter demanding they reveal the number of dead Shamus they'd been covering up over the years. They wrote a very polite 

response back, explaining Shamu was more of a stage name than a physical entity. This angered me deeply. I vowed to uncover their deceitful practices and pitched many editors on the story, but weirdly I never heard back from any of them. Luckily, Gabriela Cowperthwaite carried on the investigation I started and I've stayed true to my passions: getting to the bottom of things and sharing opinions no one asked for.

If you read that whole story and still wish to contact me, you can do so at:

kateryansprofessionalemail [at]

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